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Salted Caramel Chocolate

April 26, 2010

With all the stress of finals hitting every student at Case right now, I needed to detox.  The way I detoxed?  My Friend bought me a salted caramel chocolate “Grandpa’s Cheese Farm” right off of highway 71.  Every time I go home I see this place and have wanted to stop to see what they had to offer.

My friend came back with toasted coconut marshmallows, bannana chips, homemade canned pickles. I only had the caramel chocolate, but it was delicious.  On this rainy sunday, she ended up cheering me up by handing me a homemade chocolate from a random cheese farm off of 71.

This chocolate made me think of Jennifer’s research paper on amish cooking.  I don’t know if the Grandpa’s cheese farm was amish or not, but it sure seems like s spectacle.  This paralleled to what Jennifer was talking about in her essay: people liked buying these homemade treats because of the spectacle.  Eventhough everything seems delicious, the bill board advertising the farm has always intrigued me, and it obviously intrigued my friend who ended up actually stopping at the place and buying something.

These types of places make their market from being a spectacle. They advertise with bill boards.  They get people traveling from place to place to stop and buy their gourmet food.  These places are full of people just traveling from place to place.  They probably get most of their profit from travelers, not locals.

So when I ate this caramel, I remembered the spectacle that went into selling it.  I understood what I have learned in this class that had to do with more than just the taste and flavor of food, but how it is sold and why it is sold.  I will always remember what I learned.

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