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Are you feeling stressed?

April 25, 2010

With finals coming up, many of us may get a little stressed out. Eating healthy is the key to make you feel tip top – you probably have heard of it many times, but it is true. We are what we eat, and the foods that we eat also affect the way we feel. In fact, some foods may affect your mood more than others. I would like to share some of the tips  that I learned from magazines to make you feel better/ less depressed/ less stressed during the finals. The secret is to choose foods that are rich in omega 3 fats, carbohydrates, folic acids, selenium and vitamin B12. Here are some of the many examples:

1) Rice, Pasta, Bread – eating carbohydrates can help increase our serotonin levels, which has a calming effect. Eating healthier carbohydrates, such as wheat bread, brown rice  allow slower digestion and make you feel fuller and possibly happier for a longer period of time!

2) Chocolate! – chocolate contains anadamine, which is a brain chemical that helps boost our mood.

3) Milk (skim milk works best) – milk is rich in tryptophan that is needed to make serotonin –> makes us happy and calm. A lot of anti-depressants work in a very similar way too.

4) Pumpkin seeds and oysters – they have a high zinc content. Zinc deficiency is a common cause for exhaustion and depression.

5) Oily fishes (salmon, sardines, mackerel…) – they are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, the good fat, and they can fight against depression as well. Omega-3 fats also helps improve brain flow in our brain (*important important* for students) !!

6) Nuts – they are nutritional powerfoods! They also contain high amount of omega-3 fats  and also vitamin E antioxidant to fight stress. Eating an ounce everyday surely helps studying.

And of course your comfort foods may also make you feel better. They can stimulate the production of endorphins, making us happy.

Just keep in mind to take these foods in moderation. It is amazing that food plays an important role in our lives – it makes us feel more beautiful and gives us more energy when our brain or body is not coping with the stress we are dealing with.

So check them out if you are having a bad day or feeling cranky. I hope it helps a bit! For now, just relax a bit, take it easy and good luck on finals!!


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