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High sodium food…

April 21, 2010

So, last time I went to Leutner for dinner I thought the food they had was really salty… Even though they say that they make the most healthy food for us, college students, the food was way too salty for me to even eat. I don’t know if this was because I am use to mostly bland food, Japanese food are usually bland with not that much salt, but even my other friends could not finish the food because it was way too salty.

Then the next day, I came across an article on Fox how the US plans to drive salt limits to food. It is known that eating too much salt can lead to high blood pressures with possible consequences of heart attacks and strokes. And I do think that eating that kind of food I had at Leutner is certainly not good for your health. If Americans have no problem eating that kind of food, then I see why there is such a high rate of heart attacks and high blood pressure problems in the United States. I think that this will help the health of the Americans a little bit more in retospect.

Before I end, towards the last of the article it says how Pepsi intends to cut its sodium content by 25% in the market in 2015. To me this 4 year time period to reduce 25% of the sodium content seems unreasonably long. Is it because they are going to lower the sodium content slowly so that consumers don’t drink Coke instead?

Article is at,2933,591285,00.html

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