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High fructose corn syrup

April 21, 2010

So watching Food Inc and how corn is the most commonly used staple product to make many kinds of by-products that are used in the food market right now, I came across high fructose corn syrup. Basically high fructose corn syrup is a very common sweetener and preservative that is a popular ingredient in many processed foods including sodas and fruit-flavored drinks.

I took Biochemistry 307 with Dr. Hanson, and I some how remembered his talk on the problem of excess high fructose corn syrup in our diet and how it can possibly have a negative effect through our fructose metabolism in the pentose pathway. Basically with all the science aside, high fructose corn syrup can cause Type 2 diabetes if an individual takes excessive amounts over their life time.

I think that high fructose corn syrup is a really nice alternative to regular sugar because it is relatively cheap, coming from corn, and that it can have a sweeter taste than the same amount of sugar. However, the negative effect of it possibly causing Type 2 diabetes is an interesting consequence. I think that this is another example of how high-tech technology can benefit us in a sense but can also unravel other harmful consequences such as the GMO problem with crops and produces.

The primary article can be found on for anyone interested in reading about High fructose corn syrup’s possible cause of Type 2 diabetes.

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