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Strange foods out there…

April 13, 2010

So, a couple days ago I tried escagot, snail, for the first time at one of my friend’s birthday dinners. Just the idea of eating a snail really made me disgusted, but I was rather surprised about how not-so-bad it tasted… It was rather okay. This made me wonder what kinds of other “strange” foods are actually out there.

Then I came across a site, funny enough, to be called “strange food from around the world”. Reading the different kinds of “strange” foods actually people eat ranging from durian, talked about it in the first week of class, to dog meat and blood, made me wonder if it is the cultural background that makes people feel disgusted from the food… In the list, there was nato, fermented beans (or so-called rotten), and shiokara, raw fish/squid in fermented fish/squid guts. But coming from a Japanese cultural background, I have ate all of these foods before and, in fact, like eating both nato and shiokara.

However, in the lists were also camel feet, cicada, and monkey brains, which I think is really nasty along with the others I mentioned earlier. But, for the people coming from the areas that actually eat these food, these might be consider delicates. That is why, I am going to assume, that maybe cultural background changes someone’s taste for foods even though it might appear disgusting to other people in the world….just thought it was an interesting thought
…theres some nasty foods on here, luckily with few pictures tho, if your interested…you can check them out

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