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Interested in Casting for Two New Reality Food Shows ?

April 3, 2010

As the reality shows and food channel  becoming more and more popular,  some clever producers see the potential market to launch two new reality food shows.The talented executive casting producer Doron Ofir who casts the reality shows, Jersey Shore, Design Star, Millionaire Matchmaker, is searching for new hosts for the upcoming new food series. If you  have watched these reality shows,  you probably have a good sense of the new reality food shows.

From the press release on Mar. 31st. 2010, Doron Ofir says, “We are scouring the country to find the best dynamic duo and one spectacular single to star in their own food show. We are looking for all food professionals, executive-level chefs, sous chefs, cooks, grill masters, bakers, professional food bloggers, critics, competitive cooking winners, and caterers”. This is a great opportunity for food lovers who also like to travel and put their passion into use.

In order to outshine other contestants from the rest of the states, the dynamic duos should have great qualities in personality, talent and food expertise for the ultimate buddy food tasting road trip. It does not mater if they are cousins, friends, rivals. As long as they have very distinct characteristics and experiences in the food industry and most importantly the passion for food and travel.  If you think you are the one who meets those criteria, please step it up and grab the great opportunity. Just like how Doron Ofir says, ” Why be part of a competition when you can star in your own show? This is a chance of a lifetime to be the new face of the network”.

Hopefully, we can discover some new talents to become tomorrow’s stars on food network. Everyone who is interested has to apply online. Here is the link for it

By the way, you have to be 21 and older to apply.

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