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Top Chef Head Judge’s New Restaurant

March 21, 2010

Because we have been talking some about the competition aspect of cooking shows recently, I thought it would be interesting to check up on Top Chef, one of my favorite competition cooking shows on television. I came across this article from The New York Times:

It tells about the opening of Tom Colicchio’s new restaurant, Colicchio & Sons, in New York City. Colicchio, the head judge on Top Chef, is notoriously a hard critic to please. The article says that his restaurant opening was no different, that he was “talking low to a cook, forceful already, a couple of hours into a double header day.”

The article also talks about the many sides of Tom Colicchio, that he is a “celebrity and a businessman,” but that he is a cook by “temperament and deportment.” This was ver interesting to me because on Top Chef, Colicchio’s personality seems solely “celebrity judge.” It is important to remember that he is first and foremost a top chef himself. To me, the article sums up both Colicchio and Colicchio & Sons in three short sentences: “His restaurant isn’t perfect. But it is exciting. And the food is terrifically good.”

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