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My New Recipe Book

March 21, 2010

I bought a recipe book the other day. It’s a little silly looking… it’s got a giant picture of asparagus on the cover, which is probably why I liked it in the first place. My idea was to copy down all my favorite recipes from my favorite cookbooks and my favorite family recipes so I will have them readily accessible when I move out of my parents’ house.

Things I have discovered so far:

1) My grandmother put mayonnaise in things that really shouldn’t have included mayonnaise.

2) Nobody in my family ever makes fish. Or if they did, there’s no record of it whatsoever.

3) All of my favorite recipes include chocolate… I think I need to learn how to do more than bake things.

Yesterday I went though my mom’s recipe box, which was a really cool experience. I found recipes that had been copied down by my great-grandmother, great-aunt, grandmother, aunt, and mom. Not only did the recipes bring back lots of wonderful memories of family events that included (and still include) these dishes, but seeing the words written in my great-grandmother’s handwriting made me feel like I was communicating in some way with an amazing woman who I was never able to meet. I originally thought that the article we read for class on cookbooks and history, “Cookbooks as a Collective Memory and Identity,” was a little bit of a stretch, but the experience of going through the family recipe box definitely changed my mind.

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