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Chicks with Chicks

March 18, 2010

Photo by land_camera_land_camera

We’ve talked in class about how less people are cooking nowadays, spending most of their time sitting on their couch watching Rachael Ray obnoxiously yell “YUM-O!” Well, it seems like some women are going the opposite way according to this New York Times article. They are labeled as “femivores.” Not only are these women cooking their food at home, but they are making sure where their ingredients come from: their backyard.

I’ve never heard the term “femivore” before, but the article talks about femivorism, a movement based on principles such as “self-sufficiency, autonomy and personal fulfillment.” Most of the femivores are not the conventional housewives, but they are highly-educated, stay-at-home moms who left their jobs to take care of their family. In order to provide their kids with safer meals, they are building chicken coops, raising rabbits, etc, basically building a farm in their backyards. The idea behind femivorism is strongly tied with feminism. If women once thought entering the work force to earn as much money as men do gave them more independence, femivores think that learning how to feed and clothe yourself gives them as much independence and power. Some women have gone as far as making their own soap bars and canned peaches. Some home-school their kids, too.

It’s really interesting that highly-educated women who had high-paying jobs are now going back home to find a sense of autonomy from chicken coops and beehives. I guess they are trying to find gratification from avoiding the wave of consumerism and in being aware of their own carbon footprints. These women are really taking time and effort not only to cook, but to produce the ingredients that go into their meals.

I guess this world is not as plagued by consumerism as everybody condemns it to be. The concept of femivorism sheds a light of hope for the future world of women and cooking. I don’t know if I’ll go as far as building a chicken coop in my backyard, though. Maybe a little lettuce garden?

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