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“Homemade” Baked Beans

March 16, 2010

I never knew that pouring different brands and flavors of baked beans in one pot and heating was a special recipe.  I have tried making baked beans from hard uncooked raw beans, and it is incredibly difficult to get them to not be aldente (I cooked them for 4 hours or so and they were no where to being done).  But I had no idea that a recipe could contain only canned baked beans.  Last sunday my soon to be aunt was describing how she made her beans: two cans Bushes’ Maple beans, two cans normal baked beans, one can of pork in beans, and heat and stir.

Could this really count as cooking?  As we have discussed in out class, what counts as cooking?  I guess she assembles something, but it seems like its just not enough work to truly be called cooking.  She even said the “secret” ingredient was the can of pork and beans.  Is that really secret or just another can?  I feel like you could mix any three types of cans of beans and make something new.  Heck, why not try and mix different types of tomato for a tomato sauce!

Cooking should have a level of difficulty greater than using a can opener.  I should take more thought than just mixing different cans.  I guess this is easy, but it makes me think how lazy we are becoming in the united states if we cant even make a simple sauce for a can of regular beans.  Its not that hard.

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