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Meringues and Eggs

February 24, 2010

I fried and ate two eggs this evening.

On the surface that seems pretty mundane. But here’s the kicker: I hate eggs. Well maybe that’s best put in the past tense. I hated eggs. And I have all my life, no exceptions. But I had some leftover eggs and I was hungry, so I decided to try some fried eggs. I didn’t even have salt and pepper, and I think I made the bottom too leathery by leaving them in the pan. But they weren’t too bad, and that makes them nearly a miracle for my taste buds.

In the past I’ve found them overly sulfurous but tonight I wanted to focus on trying something new. So I focused instead on the texture and the taste. The yolk was very creamy and didn’t give me the sulfur I was expecting.

An overall success.

And what did I have leftover eggs from? From the meringues with whipped cream and blackberry sauce I made on a whim this weekend. I’d never made meringues before but I managed to do well enough. They stayed moist and chewy inside (are meringues supposed to be chewy inside?) while drying on the outside. The whipped cream and blackberry sauce were simple enough, and I’ve had yogurt with leftover blackberry sauce for breakfast.

From Pollan’s books to Food Inc. and this class I’m finding food on my mind more and more often and I get very excited thinking about the next thing I can make. Which might be eggplant by the way.

^ My meringues

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  1. February 26, 2010 7:53 pm

    Those blackberry topped meringues look delicious! I’ve also been making lots more food since this class started, and it’s especially got me thinking about making things that are perceived by the general public as ‘difficult’. Meringues have always sounded difficult to me… did you think so? And I think they’re supposed to be chewy inside, from my experience. When you try to save them, though, they get chewy on the outside too and then they’re not so good.

    And good luck with the eggplant… I made eggplant parmesan a few weeks ago and it turned out quite well.

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