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Italian agricultural minister gives seal of approval to McDonald’s

February 10, 2010

I ran across an article that pertains perfectly to our class.

Here is a brief summary although you should read the full at website below. Luca Zaia, the agricultural minister of Italy, gave an official government seal of approval to the McItaly. The McItaly is a burger at McDonald’s (in Italy) that uses all Italian beef. His reasoning for approval is that it will pump money back to Italian farmers.  Many Italians are outraged by his actions especially considering that Italy was the home of the Slow Food movement.

I thought it was interesting that the new burger was introduced at the same restaurant on the Spanish Steps that prompted Carlo Petrini to start the Slow Food movement. I’m curious as to whether Zaia truly believes that adding Italian grown food to the menu that it will help “globalize the identity of Italian agriculture” or if he is just trying to appease the Slow Food zealots with this rationale.  Also, I wonder about the quality of Italian beef after what we read in Heat about the importation of Spanish cows for steaks.

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